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Alfred Sutton

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Paper copies of this Prospectus are available on request.

Welcome from Mr Robert Howell


Thank you for your interest in Alfred Sutton; I am proud to be the Headteacher of this inclusive, vibrant and thriving primary school.


Choosing the right school for your child is hugely important.  We are a school characterised by a vigorous belief in the limitless potential of young people and take an active approach to ensuring that potential is realised.  Parents trust us to educate pupils to become successful, confident and resilient life-long learners.  We see this trust as a great privilege.  Particular emphasis is placed on working in partnership with our parents - therefore we operate an open door policy.


Alfred Sutton has confidence in every child.  We set aspirational social and academic targets and work steadily and measurably towards them.  We take a child-centred nurturing approach to this developmental journey, fostering fulfilled and happy futures.


At all times, we strive to be the very best we can and are delighted with our 2018 OFSTED report which validates the success of our school improvement journey.  This has been realised through the efforts of our incredibly dedicated pupils, parents, staff, PTA and Governors.  We feel fortunate to have such a supportive, harmonious and hard-working community.  It is with great pride that we watch our Year 6 pupils move to the next phase of their education, having secured very strong progress socially, creatively and academically; we are consistently above local and national progress averages.


I warmly welcome you to become part of our thriving school community.


Robert Howell


Alfred Sutton Primary school

Our Team


All of our staff work collaboratively and flexibly to deliver the strongest pupil outcomes.  Children are sometimes taught by different teachers during a week - according to their expertise, experience and subject specialisms.


Our team approach to school leadership means that each year group across the school is overseen by an Assistant Headteacher.  Our Assistant Headteachers ensure strong channels of communication for parents: we know that when staff and families work in partnership, children feel more positive about school, hence learn better.


'It takes a whole village to raise a child.'  

African Proverb

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Our Mission, Vision and Values


Happy together.  Achieving together.

To safeguard pupils' welfare, enabling them to thrive in our aspirational, British Values underpinned, learning community that nurtures every member to be a positive role model and reach their full potential.


'British values mean that in Britain, no matter what your background, you can fit in, you can succeed, and you can belong.'

HM Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman


We are an inclusive school at the heart of our culturally and socially diverse community:


  • Where children feel safe both physically and emotionally and are happy and confident to embrace challenges
  • Where parents feel welcomed, encouraged to participate and work in supportive partnership
  • With high emphasis on spiritual, moral, social, ethical and physical development and where diversity is celebrated and respected
  • Which strives for excellence in all that it does, preparing children very well for their next steps
  • Where commitment and integrity are celebrated
  • Where children feel proud of their efforts and successes


Our school core values, the Sutton Six, prepare pupils to be successful citizens of the 21st century and we promote them in all that we do.


  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Aspiration
  • Responsibility
  • Caring
  • Compassion
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Pastoral Care


Fostering pupils' physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.  It is a prerequisite for us that everyone thrives at Alfred Sutton; our highly trained staff ensure welfare is actively promoted.  At all times, pupils are kept safe and we specifically teach children about online and personal safety.  Class teachers provide a programme of personal, social and health education driven by pupil needs.  Active Fit enables pupils to participate in daily physical activity, whilst nutritional learning ensures pupils leave us with a clear understanding of healthy choices.


If additional support is required, Alfred Sutton is proud to be able to offer a comprehensive network of staff dedicated to pupil welfare.  This includes a Family Support Officer, Senco, Assistant Headteacher for Welfare, Attendance and Behaviour and Assistant Headteacher for Pastoral Care.





We fully commit to growing the whole child: it is our privilege and duty to develop pupil confidence and self-worth, enabling everyone to flourish. Nurturing and celebrating every pupil and respecting each other’s rights, permeates our school culture. The Student Council is actively involved in key decision making – our pupils trust in the importance and value we place on their voice and respect the democratic community that we continually promote. We see the size of our school as a strength, enabling a richly diverse school that prepares pupils very well for wider society. At the same time, we ensure full commitment to developing excellent home school partnerships. We are very proud of our long-standing ‘family feel’.


Positive culture


We believe everyone has a right to be happy at Alfred Sutton. Our culture is inclusive and passionate. We place great emphasis on noticing and celebrating pupils’ achievements: both social and academic. Pupils can earn Sutton Six badges for demonstrating our core values and we award house point tokens for immediate positive recognition.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, underpinned by British Values, is the driver for our behaviour code of conduct.


· Respect everyone and everything

· Take responsibility for our behaviour and learning

· Make safe sensible choices

· Move appropriately

· Follow instructions immediately



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Teaching and Learning


At Alfred Sutton, we believe that the purpose of teaching is to promote learning and that successful teaching will result in effective learning. In practice, we have 4 core teaching principles: clear purpose, passionate delivery, full participation and focussed praise. Across the school, children are taught in both mixed ability and ability groups to best meet individual needs.




We teach a structured phonics programme to our younger pupils and a significantly above average number pass the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check. Alongside this, we develop a love and understanding of reading through Story Time, Guided Reading lessons and School Library visits. We believe that children learn to love writing through exposure to a world of engaging, high quality fiction and non-fiction texts. Children therefore study a carefully selected text, as a foundation for practising their writing across a range of different genres. Particular emphasis is placed on enabling our pupils to develop a wide vocabulary: higher level vocabulary choices are taught and embedded. We place equal importance on children’s listening, attention and oracy skills with high quality activities planned throughout each day.




Children secure exceptionally good progress in maths through our mastery approach – topics are taught systematically and in depth with opportunities to apply learning across a range of different contexts, including real life where possible. Basic skills are taught daily to ensure fluency, including number bonds and multiplication tables. We have a real passion for mathematics and believe this passion is infectious! By Year 6 the percentage of our children achieving the higher Greater Depth Expectation significantly exceeds local and national results.





Our wider curriculum is creative, innovative, broad and balanced in order to engage and enthuse our pupils. Pupils’ work is celebrated through our fortnightly newsletters and is show-cased in the high quality displays seen around the school. Since we are such a large school, our staff bring a wide range of subject expertise and specialisms, which we use to enrich pupils’ experiences. In addition, we provide an ever-increasing programme of after-school clubs (including a breakfast and after school club), curriculum enrichment trips and creative-themed homeworks. Our pupils take full advantage of these opportunities and never cease to delight us with their enthusiasm for learning.




‘Staff are dedicated to making sure that pupils are safe.’


‘Pupils are very well prepared for life in modern Britain. They have developed a set of values, known as the ‘Sutton Six’, which permeate the school.’


‘Personal, social and health education is a key part of the curriculum. It is helping pupils to have a positive outlook and to be more resilient.’


‘Pupils behave very well and are increasingly able to sort things out for themselves.’


‘As a result of the very effective leadership of the school, by you and your deputy, standards have risen rapidly over the last two years.’


‘Your recently strengthened leadership team is well placed to oversee the changes you are making to the school. Leaders are well trained in monitoring and evaluating the impact of their work.’

‘Your effective subject leaders make sure that the curriculum is broad, balanced and is increasingly a strength.’


‘Children enter the early years with skills typically below those of children nationally, yet, because of effective teaching and leadership, above-average proportions reach a good level of development and are well prepared for entering key Stage 1.’



‘Standards in the early years and in Year 1 have improved consistently over time.’


‘The quality of writing for pupils in key stage 1 is a particular strength, with pupils able to use their technical skills to produce interesting and informative work.’



‘Last year, pupils at the end of key stage 2 made above-average progress in reading. Their progress in writing and mathematics was well above average.’



‘Over time, the progress of disadvantaged pupils has improved, so that for current pupils there are no noticeable differences in the quality of work between disadvantaged pupils and others in school. Leaders make good use of pupil premium funding to ensure that pupils are taught consistently well throughout the school.’


Happy together. Achieving together.