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Alfred Sutton

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Our Vision and Values


Vision for Education at Alfred Sutton Primary School

A school:

  • which encourages children to participate enthusiastically in high quality learning to achieve their full potential in every aspect of school life.
  • where children feel safe both physically and emotionally and are
  • happy and confident to embrace challenges.
  • where children and staff work together in a mutually respectful environment.
  • with high emphasis on spiritual, moral, social, ethical and physical development and where diversity is celebrated and respected.
  • where children’s skills and independence are nurtured to prepare them for their place in society.
  • where committed staff are keen to share their skills with the pupils and colleagues.
  • where parents feel welcomed and encouraged to participate in a working partnership.
  • which takes a central role in the local community.
  • where the children are keen to share their efforts and successes, a school where children want to be


A school at the heart of our multicultural community where happy children and dedicated staff achieve to their full potential.

Happy together.  Achieving together.

Happy together. Achieving together.